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We open in three days!

February 4, 2019

Improvement is three days away from being a thing you can see IRL. 7 shows at the Kitchen coming right on up. Tix are here if you don’t have them yet!

I have a few more thoughts that’ve been in my head about the piece to share.

1.) You can kind of hear it on the album version of Junior Jr’s Scene (“Golf Left-Handed“) in the last minute of the track, but there’s a kind of pitched drum sound that’s down in the mix that articulates the passacaglia (the first ten pitches you hear in the intro). It’s pretty magical. In this new live version, it’s (I think?) higher in the mix, and it’s real tasty. Keep an ear out.

2.) Also, right at the end of Scene 11, same scene, when Mr Payne says that Linda “likes loneliness”, that’s pretty messed up, right? You split up with someone and justify that they’re happier being alone. C’mon Mr Payne. Not cool.

3.) Also also, I was appreciating something structural about the piece. I like that you don’t get full scene from Linda’s perspective until Sc 6. You hear from Don first because Bob, writing the piece, is both Don and Linda in various ways, but in structuring things this way, it says to me that he’s more Don. Don tells you what’s up with him and that he’s leaving, and then he leaves, and he has his own story to tell later (Foreign Experiences) and he’s done for now. It acknowledges a certain perspective or bias, and then with that framework and grounding, with the Unimportant Family having said their peace, Linda gets the mic and has it for most of the rest of the show. Good construction, that.

And hey, if you missed it, Gelsey & Mimi & Jackie are in the New York Times talking about the piece!

– Dave

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