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we interrupt this stream of thoughts on Improvement to remind you about our album

December 29, 2018

Good people who read this blog: we remind you that we, Varispeed, are about to put out our first album in the history of the existence of time and the universe! It’s true!

Empty Words comes out in about a month on Gold Bolus Recordings. The album is about 45 minutes of highlights from the first part of our reimagining of John Cage’s 70’s treatise on transforming language into sound. We performed it back in 2012, and when we revisited it, it was too good to sit on. So: it’s gonna be available digitally and in a limited run of CDs very soon. You can preview two tracks here:

We’re going to be performing some of these highlights as part of a release show over at Spectrum in DUMBO (or thereabouts) in an afternoon show on Sunday, January 20th. We’re sharing a bill with the Witches from Baltimore, and it’s a 3pm show. More on this soon! For now, save the date and happy end of 2018!

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