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so many thoughts

October 12, 2018

We just finished another week of Improvement rehearsals. It’s so great. I have so many thoughts. I’ll share them periodically from now to February on here.

One thing not specific to the piece that happened to me this week: When going from an existing tone that’s playing to a pitch I have to sing, I usually have sung the new pitch quietly. It’s bad practice. This week, with all the various entrances in this piece where I have to sing an Eb while a F is sounding, or get an F from an E minor, or whatever, I’ve been (mostly) doing it in my head, silently. It’s fine, I can do it, it turns out. Getting into the humming in Scene 16 is tricky. I’ll get there. Singing a Bb during the Mr Payne’s mother scene is tricky. But I’m not gonna sing it first, that’s my goal.

– Dave

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