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fresh material from Gelsey

May 7, 2017

Dear Varispeed fans (or at least people intrigued by us enough to be reading this blog) –

We thought you might enjoy hearing the latest album recorded by one of us.  That would be Ciphony, a collaborative album made by Gelsey Bell and John King, to be released digitally and on CD this week on Dave’s label Gold Bolus Recordings.  This piece has its origin in Gelsey & John creating music to go with a restaging of Merce Cunningham’s EVENT as directed by Robert Swinston and Compagnie CNDC-Angers.  As per the Cage/Cunningham tradition, Gelsey & John worked separately to create their improvisational scores and brought them together for the performance.  After honing this material at several shows at the Joyce Theatre in 2015, they brought a concert version of it to Roulette last year.  This album documents that performance, and dresses it in some spiffy art from Gelsey.  If you like Varispeed, you’d dig this album.  You can listen to it and order a hard copy here!

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