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State of the ‘Speed, Fall 2016

September 26, 2016

All’s been quiet on the Varispeed front of late, but not totally quiet.  We met up a little bit ago to continue digging into Kenneth Gaburo’s LINGUA pieces.  After performing Maledetto (LINGUA II) earlier this year, we’ve now looked at In the Can (LINGUA III) and the pieces that constitute LINGUA I.  It’s all pretty exciting stuff that both nicely fits our past projects and introduces some new areas of focus for us.

However, these explorations aren’t likely to be public for a while.  Paul & Gelsey are about to start their run as featured players in Dave Malloy’s Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 on Broadway.  Both have been involved in the show in its various earlier incarnations.  Even if you saw it at Ars Nova or Kazino, check it out again in the big time!

Paul, Gelsey, & Dave (collectively as 1/2 of thingNY) just released an album this past week on Dave’s label Gold Bolus Recordings.  minis/Trajectories features music by Paul as well as Erin Rogers and performances by the group and some guest talking chamber players.  If you like what Varispeed does, you’ll like this album!

Next month at JACK, Dave’s restaging his piece The Gentleman Rests, last seen at Roulette in 2015.  Featuring Brian along with a bunch of amazing performers, the piece depicts the Congressional Black Caucus trying to raise objections to the vote count from Florida after the 2000 and Al Gore, acting as president of the Senate, turning their requests away.  Again, if you enjoy, say, the way we’ve been doing The Living Room in our Perfect Lives performances, this ought to be up your alley.  More info is here.

Brian, for his part, is working with his partner Esther Neff toward realizing the final version of their multi-year, multi-part investigation Embarrassed of the Whole.  That’s looking to crest in February, so stay tuned for more on that front and check out the documentation of the project so far.

And Aliza has been had busy hands over the past few months, opening a ceramics studio and producing a great many things therein.  If you’re interested in peeping what she’s working on, or obtaining some for your home, you can check out Henry Street Studio.

So we’ll be quietly progressing behind the scenes for a bit.  Stay tuned!

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