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Well That Was Fun

September 19, 2014

If you missed it, we performed The Bank from Perfect Lives, live on WFMU this afternoon on Kurt Gottschalk’s show.  It was great!  You can hear it here:  Just open the pop up player and go to ~16 minutes in.  You’ll get the episode and then Brian giving great interview with Mr Gottschalk afterwards.

Lemme tell you, it was really different but really great.  This is the first time we’ve spun off a single episode rather doing all seven in a day.  We only had two rehearsals to get things back up to speed, and we were doing a kind of hybrid arrangement.  Brian did the lead part like he did in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Catskills.  Aliza did the lead for the Bank this May in Pittsburgh, and we kept her excellent brass parts, here played by her on euphonium and the great Jen Baker on trombone.  I think this was a wonderful combination of elements.

The other huge difference was that we were in a controlled environment, not exactly site-specific.  The WFMU tech guys were great.  We had clear monitors, clear sight lines, plenty of mics, etc.  Gelsey could actually hear her keyboard, a rarity in this episode.  Brian’s performance of this episode usually involves a lot him throwing himself all around the place, turning the page while holding the book precariously, and working up a huge sweat.  Today he stood still, and he took it a little faster.  Listening back, you can hear everything!  You get all the words!  Not that Brian’s a slouch, but it’s just hard to exert as much as he normally does and get it all into the mic intelligibly.  So if you take a listen, you’ll get it all, and damn it sounds good.  The instruments and voices are all well-balanced and it’s a treat.  Kudos WFMU!

– Dave

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