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When Airwaves Swing

August 26, 2014

Looks like the five of us are gonna be rocking the airwaves pretty soon with a little Perfect Lives.  The wise & wonderful Kurt Gottschalk of WFMU has asked us to come in to that station’s brand new Jersey City studio (Paul, JC resident, is particularly happy about this).  We’re gonna hit the airwaves on Friday 9/19 at 3pm and we’ll bring to you a hybrid arrangement of The Bank.  Brian’s gonna be on lead again, but we’ll be using brass like we did in Aliza’s arrangement in Pittsburgh.  We’ll be joined by the amazing Jen Baker on trombone.  Also on the air that afternoon with be pianist Dante Boon.  There is a small studio there, so if you have interest in attending, let us know and we’ll see if we have any pull in the matter.  You can always listen on a radio to 91.1 FM, listen online if you’re not in the area, or listen later because WFMU archives everything (like when Kurt played our arrangement of Love is a Good Example a few months back).

In the mean time, there’s some investigation we’re doing into the wonderful work of Mr Kenneth Gaburo.  Just so you know.

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