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Shiny Quasi-speed Trinkets

July 20, 2014

Varispeed proper is quiet at the moment, nearly two months post-Perfect Lives Pittsburgh.  But look at what we’ve done since!  Aliza & Dave finished making the album they’ve been working on for two years, and you can now hear Why Lie?’s Osoitos in the comfort of your own home or wherever you choose.  It doesn’t sound too much like what we do as Varispeed, but you’ll get a fuller sense of where we’re coming from as sometimes-durational-avant-gardists and sometimes-art-pop-whatevers.

Just the past week, Brian pulled together the finishing touches on Panoply Performance Laboratory’s Institute_Institut, a recording of the 2011 opera of the same name.  This album features not only Brian as composer, arranger, producer, keyboard player, and pitch-shifted-Mommy, it also features Gelsey as the soaring soprano Mommy #1, Paul as the puckish George #1, and Dave on clarinet, guitar, and a little voice.  Brian & Esther Neff have made a whole world of operas that exist alongside and in conversation with the sort of work we do as Varispeed, and if you’ve never checked it out, now’s a great time to catch up before the premiere of PPL’s Any Size Mirror is a Dictator in September.

You can find these albums and more on Dave’s label, Gold Bolus Recordings, and you can see both PPL and Why Lie? live next Saturday, 7/26, at JACK for the album release party.

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