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Perfect Lives Mad Libs

May 25, 2014

On the long car ride back from Pittsburgh, Varispeed (sans Paul) passed the time doing specially constructed Perfect Lives mad libs Gelsey put together. Along with a lot of uncontrollable laughter, these gave birth to such phrases as:

“No one was naked in the monsoon fingerless glove”

“Right off my mud room is my boiler room. I handle saints, week-old cinnamon rolls, bombshell blonde 90210 life-guards, and the like”

“my fop aces my rap battle / my fop roller skates my rap battle / my fop aces and roller skates my rap battle”

“instead, i said: get-away-from-me-you-beast boy, i am obtrusively, dangerously, wantingly ‘n only into – as they say – yoga-pants-wearing-park-slope moms”

“The word dingo is a mystery to Paul Pinto. Paul Pinto doesn’t understand that word.”

And a great many other things that are perhaps too raunchy for this here blog.
Try out the mad libs for yourself.
Suggested use: while operating a motor vehicle with other Perfect Lives diehards. John Cage Empty Words mad libs also available on request.

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