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Extracuriculars, Jan ’14 Edition

January 5, 2014

We, Varispeed, have plenty in store for the coming five months, content that you can see in person or online.  But once in a blue moon, it seems helpful to clue you in on our other MANY MANY adventures as individuals and in our various other sub-groupings.  I’d like to attempt to do that now:

At the end of this month, you can catch 4/5 of the ‘Speed performing at the Gold Bolus Recordings launch party at Standard Toy Kraft.  Aliza & Dave will play some Why Lie? songs, joined by Paul on drums.  Brian & Esther of PPL will present elements of their 2011 opera Institute_Institut at the launch party.  Full line up for the evening is here.  Both Why Lie? and PPL will be delivering an album in the coming month on Gold Bolus (Dave’s new-born brainchild), and both groups figure to be performing new material throughout the year.  Brian’s big pay off of a new piece is Any Size Mirror is a Dictator, which springs into life this fall, and in the mean time PPL will be hosting a heap of shows in their space and performing at a theater near you (probably).

What else?  Gelsey is 1/3 of the cast of Kate Soper’s new opera Here Be Sirens, which you can catch at Dixon Place a few times this month.  Gelsey & Dave will be re-staging their collaboration with Kimberly Bartosik/daela, You are my heat and glare at New York Live Arts – one chance to see it in January and four more in February and March.  Also during APAP, you can hear Dave’s score for Joanna Kotze’s it happened… at Danspace Project.  In February, Paul brings a new radio opera collaboration with Joan LaBarbara to Experiments in Opera at Abrons Arts Center (I’m told there’ll be a lot of cussin’ if you’re into such things).  Gelsey, Paul, & Dave stay busy with thingNY activities, with shows in town & out through the winter months, a residency in Brooklyn presenting a new collaborative opera called This Takes Place Close By in March, travels up north in April, and an ongoing series at the Firehouse Space through June.

And finally, all five of us will take part in the VERY exciting presentation of new stagings of Robert Ashley operas at the Whitney Museum in April, more details forthcoming, and then in May we take Perfect Lives on to Pittsburgh.  So you can tell we like to keep it lite and breezy.

Never slouching,

Dave et al

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