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Alia Came part 1

September 22, 2013

Last week marked our first official interaction with Alia Musica.  Through generous support for NET/TEN, Federico & Matt were able to come to greater NYC, spend many hours talking and working with Paul to figure out logistics of Perfect Lives Pittsburgh and later meet all five of us and hash out more details.  We covered some of the basic organizational logistics, which parts of town we should aim for, when, how, etc, trying to fit in with the rest of Alia’s adventurous programming for their May 2014 festival.  Sounds like an impressive balancing act ahead of them but I’m psyched to hear the John Luther Adams percussion monster they’re programming too.  Next weekend we’ll meet with Matt E, who’s coordinating the artistic end of our work in Pittsburgh, and then in October we’re heading to PGH to scout locations, meet musicians, and maybe even rehearse a little bit.

Mean time, Federico & Matt were also in town to play a duo piano recital, programmed alongside a recital by Paul of some new realizations of older pieces.  Here’s a couple of pictures.  In closing: Go Bucs!

– Dave


Matt (L) and Federico (R) at Firehouse in their duo recital



Paul sound checks his solo rep


Paul, in Union Sq, backed with nothing but blue sky, coordinates with Varispeed members telephonically

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