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PGH: Early Steps

September 16, 2013

We’ve made some decisions about Perfect Lives Pittsburgh, which will go down next May.  There’s gonna be some episode switching for us as narrators.  I’m psyched to take my turn on the Supermarket, which has consistently been the episode I’ve listened to the most.  Having done the chorus of the Supermarket in three performances, I’ve got the choral parts down pretty well, but now my task becomes familiarizing myself with the rest of the text.  I think I’m gonna try memorizing one line a day for a while, see how that goes.  The point isn’t to have it off book for next May, the point is just to know it like I knew the Church back in 2011.  It give the opportunity for the delivery of the text to be more felt, as opposed to read.

New arrangements & old arrangements (mostly tweaked older ones) will be rolled out again, and this week will mark our first meeting with Alia Music, our presenting partners in Pittsburgh, getting them familiar with what we’ve done and getting a sense from them of the scene out in Western PA.  I’m also jazzed to hear them play with Paul & Gelsey this Thursday at Firehouse in Williamsburg.  More to come!


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