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Seeing Three Moves Ahead

July 25, 2013

This week in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, you can find some fine new-music-as-baseball metaphors by Mr Federico Garcia, director of Alia Musica Pittsburgh.  As a native ‘Burgher, I can appreciate local sports permeating into conversations that seemed pretty far afield.  Also, I may not know shit about Dvoark, but I enjoy hearing someone going on record as saying six of his symphonies are junk.  But I’m not writing to praise artistic smack talk (far from it!), I’m writing because this article is the first official notice of our upcoming Perfect Lives Pittsburgh, to be performed in May 2014 as part of Alia’s Hear/Now Festival.  This festival will involve some other mighty big pieces like John Luther Adams’s Inuksuit for 99 percussionists.  We’re jazzed to get to work with Alia over the Fall & Winter to put together an expansive, thoughtful version of Perfect Lives in a city two of us have called home.  So, with this knowledge, if circumstances will keep you away from this August’s Catskill Mountain rendition, don’t be blue!  You can catch a Steel City remapping of Perfect Lives next May.  More details to come, needless to say.


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