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For Public Consumption

March 5, 2013

So we’ve been a bit coy as to what we’re up to.  Some of that has to do with things being finalized and not wanting to let cats out of bags before other organizations have a chance to unveil them.  As we’ve said, we’re going to be working with Mt Tremper Arts again this August, but the specifics on that will have to wait.  One thing we can say that’s happening pretty soon:

We’re going to be performing our arrangement of Robert Ashley‘s Public Opinion Descends Upon the Demonstrators (from 1961) at a benefit for Theatre as Theory at Glasshouse on Saturday, March 23rd.  You can find out more info and get tickets here.  This is a pretty exciting chance to apply some ideas that we’ve been kicking around to a classic that few folks have witnessed first-hand (us included).  Stay tuned for more!

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