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State of the ‘Speed

December 4, 2012

Hi internet!  It’s been a while.  We’ve been busy people as we are wont to be.  But we return to you with news of the recent past and the not so distant future.  Last night:

Gelsey & Aliza perform a duet from Varispeed's arrangement of John Cage's Empty Words, 12/3/12

Gelsey and Aliza performed a short duet from our arrangement of Empty Words at Mount Tremper Arts winter benefit in Williamsburg.  This duet was heard about 2/3rds of the way through Episode I at Roulette, and this time Aliza’s set up of homemade electronics was impressively beefed up with a variety of oscillators in plastic boxes and altoid cases.  Gelsey, pictured in a chair, was a trooper and performed despite a leg injury.  Many thanks to Matthew & Aynsley of MTA for inviting us to perform.

Along these lines, we are happy to let you know that we’ve been in talks with Mount Tremper Arts about working together to bring our work to the Catskills, with time there to both present established pieces and develop a new work.  This is all part of bigger schemes we have for 2013, but we’re gonna stay relatively mum until details are finalized on that jazz.  But you can expect that we’ll be bringing some durational, site-specific performance glee to those majestic mountains in the coming months.

Gelsey Bell & Aliza Simons

Gelsey Bell & Aliza Simons

We can also call your attention to December 15th’s SPAM 3.0 concert, performed by thingNY, which will feature Paul, Gelsey, & Dave performing and pieces written by Aliza & Brian.  The full squad strikes again in Flushing!  In the mean time, we leave you with this inspirational bumper sticker.  A fine early December to you & yours, we’ll be back on the blog horn before you know it.


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