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pastceasedphenomenon did

August 8, 2012

In other words: we did it!  Varispeed performs Empty Words happened and it blew all of our minds!  We want to begin to tell you the story of what we’ve done, with perspectives from all the folks who were party to & participants in the event.  We want to give those of you who were there for part of the event a sense of what the rest was like and we want to celebrate with those stalwarts who made it the who way through.  We also want to give some little glimpses in for those of you who didn’t make it & maybe inspire you to stay up all night reading or a watch a beautiful sunrise or just appreciate talking with your friends.  We’ll get the ball rolling real soon on this.  But first, a little business:

If you were there & you have any photo, video, audio, written, or other documentation that you’d like to share here, please let us know!  Post a comment on this thread or better yet email us

And in the mean time, we leave you with a few choice photos of the event, with many more to follow.

Varispeed synchronizes watches, by Ginny Ruder

Brooklyn Bridge Sunrise by Mark Nelson

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