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Up to now, most…

May 23, 2012

Up to now, most of my focus on the upcoming Empty Words arrangements have been on Part 1, but someone floated the idea around of a single episode (maybe 2 or 3) being almost 5 different solo arrangements spatially divided.

So I started thinking of controlling an episode by myself. I’m working on an arrangement where instead of speaking the words, this sampler of prerecorded syllables is used and I would just type them out. Lately I have been using this nice program called SoundPlant as a desktop sampler. It’s very useful for creating a microtonal sine wave keyboard among other things. Thanks to Marcel Blum, the creator.

I would observe the same reading pace I set for Part 1 of seven seconds per line (loosely) and 64 lines per column.

Here’s a sample that I tacked onto some music I wrote for Part 1 + some outdoor noise from my neighborhood.

For those following at home this will be pages 34-36 (halfway only).


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