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February 15, 2012

Here’s the real news: we’ve got a functioning website for Varispeed.  We’ve also started posting the videos of PLM, beginning with the Park.  It’s real great.  We’ll post the other six in the near future.  Very exciting to share all these with you!

So you should make a point of check those out.  But I’m thinking about a slightly older story, one that’s not quite a year old.  I’m in the mood to be rewatching this beauty:

In addition to The Park, you can watch all of TIME: A complete explanation in 3 parts on Vimeo.  How about that?  Technology.  Wow.

This was a great show.  I’m so glad it’s disseminate-able.  4/5 of us are in it.  I’m pretty sure the back of Aliza’s head is in this filming of it as well, towards the right.  5/5.

It’s pertinent to Varispeed too.  This was how it came together.  TIME was co-written by Brian, Gelsey, Paul, & 4 other folks from thingNY & PPL.  It was one of those too rare collaborative writing efforts where things ended up so much stronger than if one person had spearheaded it.  I was brought in halfway through as a player, and it was great to not knew who wrote which parts.  Everyone had ownership, and I think it showed.  That goes for all kinds of decisions, not just writing (directing, acting, playing, blocking, etc.).  Perhaps that’s why Varispeed has been easy to work with – it’s been a very mutual coming together rather than one person assembling everyone else.

I don’t know the full history, but Paul & Gelsey have both been in thingNY for some years (Paul started thingNY after moving back to NYC from Scotland in 2005 or 2006).  Paul was in a PPL show a few years later; if I remember the story correctly, they posted open auditions and he was the only person who showed up.  He got the part, a collaboration was begun.  Aliza & I started working together in 2009 in a kind of meandering, sharing way, eventually starting a duo when she got back from her Watson travels.  Paul & I started working together in 2010 as 1/2 of a quartet (three clarinets and voice playing map scores).  PPL & thingNY got the idea of TIME, not sure how, and then during rehearsals, the idea to do a version of Perfect Lives came up between Gelsey, Paul, Brian, & I.  I suggest Aliza come in too, given her Ashley expertise.  And that was that.  Since last May, we’ve done a heap of each other’s projects.  So nice to be able to take the same group of people and refocus with a new goal, a new genre, a new leader all the time.  Like certain esteemed jazz or rock rhythm sections.  Like Tim Berne’s groups with different names & the same personnel.

I’m just feeling happy & admiring what we’ve been able to do from TIME to editing the video of PLM.  It hasn’t been long at all, but as my Valentine to my collaborators, I just want to say I’m thankful to share their company and work on all these myriad, wonderful, crazy projects with them.  Here we come with a lot more!


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