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January 7, 2012

We are quietly working on past and future Varispeed projects, we swear.  But we’ve got some excuses for not having substantial updates, really.  Here are a few:

Gelsey and Paul will travel to Somerville, MA to present Gelsey’s piece Scaling on Thursday, 1/12.  The next day, they’ll be in New Haven.  More info.

Gelsey and Dave will sing Aphergis & speak Siegel (respectively) in Experiments in Opera, Monday 1/16 at Le Poisson Rouge.  Gelsey will be performing in Aphergis’s Sextour February 2-4th as well.

Aliza and Gelsey will be presenting at Panoply Performance Lab’s Performancy Forum XIX (“Box Box Box”) on Monday 1/23 at Vaudeville Park in Bushwick.  Brian co-runs PPL.

Speaking of, Brian and Dave are starting work on PPL’s Nature Fetish, to be performed in excerpts on Friday 1/27 at University Settlement.  The whole shebang will be performed there in late April.

Dave and Aliza are working, as 2/3rds of the collective Cough Button, on a new musical-theatric piece involving radios, to be presented at Experiments in Opera, take 2, in May at Roulette.  They’re also assembling new material as 2/2nds of the group Why Lie?

Aliza will be hosting shows in her home over the next two months.  Brian’s doing some stuff for COIL Festival also.  Dave plays as part of Sweat Lodge every month.  The list goes on.

As you can see, we like to stay busy.

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