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dispatch from Varispeed secret meetings

November 26, 2011

Varispeed assembled yesterday at an undisclosed location in Weehawken, NJ.  This was not primarily a planning session, it was a time of action, and now, that action, which shall go unnamed for the moment, is closer to its natural conclusion.  However, being the bunch of jawers that we are, we got good & sidetracked while eating and started to get into some pretty heavy questions about what we’ve been doing with Perfect Lives.  So I present this quick dispatch with you today to whet your appetite for next Sunday’s Performers Forum and to let you know that we’re arranging a kind of conversational performance (with lots of room for interjection from whomever) about where we started from with our versions of Perfect Lives, what our relationships to the source materials are, how we set about working with them, and leading up to what the hell opera (or music & performance in this context) is and how does what we do fit in with that.  This is all going to be much less linear that how that sounds though.  And hopefully a lot shinier.  Plus there’ll be baked goods & inexpensive adult beverages.  So come have a good time and talk about this thing that’s really important to us, and, if you’re reading this, to you.  In the mean time, think about it, we’ll compare notes in eight days.


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