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what our dreams look like

August 18, 2011

Let’s go around the room:
I’d like to be behind a pulpit. Brian would like to be on Wall Street.  Aliza wants radios.

artist's rendering of a potential Episode 3

We’ve been working on the details of Perfect Lives Manhattan, which goes down on November 6th in & around the Lower East Side.  While we’re honing our arrangements and fleshing out our understandings, we’re also thinking of spaces in a grander and  more deliberate fashion than we did in June.  This go round, we’ve got much more lead time and more institutional back up, so while we’re primarily focusing on presenting the most coherent, focused performance, in this relatively early stage, we’re letting ourselves dream a little.  Brian’s The Bank would ideally happen at the New York Stock Exchange, not unlike what Yarn/Wire did with Andriessen’s Hoketus for Make Music New York this year.  Guitars blaring on a Sunday in front of a bank with no active money inside of it.  It’d be the best.  Of course, we’d settle for an ATM vestibule, but the monumentality of it is something we get excited about.  The former HSBC we used in June is certainly monumental in its own right, but now we have to think about accommodating a larger audience, a much larger audience in some places probably.  Permissions must be obtained; we’re leaving the guerrilla territory behind.  To this end, we’re working with Performa, who have a million bright ideas and connections to further our dreams.  Tremendous respect & gratitude to them!  We’ll let you know when we’ve settled on locations, and as the date approaches, we’ll be putting together a nice map.  Until then, keep dreaming with us.



p.s./shameless plug: in the coming week, the first performance of Panoply Performance Lab’s Institute_Institut happens at LPAC in Long Island City.  This folk opera/performance piece features Brian (who wrote the music & leads the band), myself, and a heap of other amazing performers.  If you miss the show on the 25th, there’s a three day run at the Cell Theater in September.  Fans of Perfect Lives, take note!

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