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The Next Round

July 21, 2011

Following up on the previous post, we are proud to tell you that the next presentation of Perfect Lives will be on Sunday, November 6th 2011, in the East Village.  This’ll be a different ball game: while we will celebrate the changing of the light (it’s the day Daylight Savings ends), it’ll be a seasonal transposition.  The neighborhood will present new challenges and opportunities.  Most of all, it’ll be a lot more public.  We’re hard at work at figuring out what worked in June and what can use some revisions, all in the name of making this a distinct and singular version of Perfect Lives.

Specific times and locations will be announced in the coming weeks, but the basic schedule remains the same (11 AM Park, 1 PM Bank, 3 PM Supermarket, 5 PM Church, 7 PM Backyard, 9 PM Living Room, 11 PM Bar).  If you know of a great location in the East Village in which we could present an/some episode(s), please let us know.  We’re looking forward to sharing it with you this Fall!

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