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Recap: The Living Room

July 8, 2011



If I may speak freely, this is the one I’d like a mulligan on.  This is in no way a slight to anyone’s contributions, I think we came together nicely given what we had planned, but there’s the catch.  We just hadn’t really planned enough for what we endeavored.

So that the five of us (Brian, Gelsey, Paul, Aliza, and myself) each had roughly 1.5 episodes on lead narration, I suggested that Paul and Gelsey speak as Will and Ida, respectively.  There turn out to be other compelling reasons for this simple switch from a single narrator, but that’s where it came from.  Anyway, they did an admirable job in unraveling the solutions.

Beyond this, I really hadn’t thought out too much.  I think the lead parts on the other episodes were more rehearsed and internalized, they had more leadership.  I should have followed through on this – for example I’d neglected to think about who would be the narrator for the non-dialogue sections (it defaulted to me).  With all the choral “he said”/”she said”, we could have used more tone and timing practice.  There was no real glue in this performance.  Rick’s last minute piano fill-in was nice, and the readers did fine, but with the greater sprawl we took on, we left behind cohesion of a sort.  And the words themselves!  This one seems so straightforward when you begin to stage it, but there are so many voices inside Will and (to a lesser extent) Ida.

We have a blueprint for a novel take on Episode 5, but we need more rehearsal and direction.  I also neglected to think of an approach to the two long pages of italics in the middle and at the end – I attempted to add in some Casio “percussion” (kind of like the sound of Mario trying to fly in Mario 3), but the darned thing kept falling asleep.  The point is: I’m thinking.  Improvement, next time!

I will say to our credit: this episode looked awful nice.  And it was hard to keep up the level of the Backyard.  We’d been going for 10 hours at this point, and if I recall, from 7:30 to 9, we mostly ate popcorn and chatted with Bob & Mimi instead of planning.  Here’s to more stamina and better forethought!


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