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Recap: The Supermarket

June 16, 2011

Is it trespassing if no one says anything?  I dunno.

I was giggling later in the day when Paul & I went back to buy popcorn and beer at the Key Foods on Grand.  Just a few hours earlier, we zig-zagged up and down all the aisles, the five musicians and three audience members, clearly not interested in buying anything.  A strange moment where our presentation of art in a place of commerce was greeted with… hardly any reaction at all.  Helen and John at least got the scrutiny of the manager, they at least warranted some cruelty.  Perhaps we woke the supermarket up on an astral level if we failed to wake up [that’s a little self-righteous, no?] any people in the supermarket.

It was 3 PM.  We started outside sans audience.  Esther was there, but she was so present it’s hard to think of her as audience.  Paul was reading the lead.  Gelsey & I were on the chorus and Brian & Aliza formed a fearsome melodica duo, with Aliza more on the driving upbeats and Brian taking the tricky arpeggiations and such.  (side note: I tend to refer to the music of Episode 2 as the “reggae chop”, after a dance move I learned in a very un-funky early 90s dance video called “Funky Freestyle”) We were well fortified with falafel, and at lunch, we had discussed how to approach the supermarket.  We would follow Paul’s lead, which for me is good because taking the first step into unauthorized space is tough.  So around 2/7 of the way into the Episode, we ventured in from the parking lot [most supermarkets don’t have parking lots around here].  Up & down the aisles, occasionally looking at a yucca leaf or soda or cookies or what have you.  After our first lap, Bob & Mimi were found listening by the registers, and if you’ve never seen it, I can tell you that it’s a lovely site to see people standing in the middle of a check out line when the have the body language of being at a concert.  Paul said later that he was very excited to have Bob following his footsteps and following along, occasionally correcting his pronunciations of things like “(p)age”.  It was all very public and very intimate – a few people doing this semi-quiet ritual in the middle of a larger, louder ritual.  We ended up outside, strolled along the building, and finished as we turned north on Lorimer.  We had a laugh.  Leonor showed up with a printer.  It was all so fast.  You really have to pace yourself or you’re done in like 20 minutes and the observation of the microcosm of the opera (contained in Episode 2) has flown by you.

Is it cold?

12 or 6?

Bud Light Sol

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