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Those Listening

June 15, 2011

I would like to say a word in praise of all who came out to listen a week ago.

We gave the audience a difficult task, namely to follow an opera for television without television, or more than a passing attempt at visual storytelling.  Our goal was clarity of transmission, it is for you to decide whether we achieved that or not.  Despite it being a weekday, despite a creeping humidity and heat, and despite offering little or no place to sit in some episodes, we were joined by a hearty, robust audience throughout the day.  Many were great sports and hung out with us between episodes, helping blur the audience/performer line of a performance that was designed to be minimally hierarchical.  Some of them entered into a stranger’s home.  Most of them sat on curbs, scaffolding, dirty steps in construction areas.  Some of them sought us out, others happened by.  For me, their presence was crucial in elevating our performances and sharpening the importance of our work.  Due to our publicity, retweets and the like, the last-minute publicity of Bob & Mimi, and pedestrian curiosity, our event went from something done for our own edification to something we’ve all shared.  Hopefully you all can pass it on now!  Thanks x 1000!





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