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Recap: The Bar

June 9, 2011

[we’re going to recap the episodes individually & add some of our thoughts on the whole day.  might as well start at the end…]

Episode 4: The Bar, took place at 11 PM at Metropolitan, a bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

After finishing two very successful episodes at Gelsey’s, we went off to the bar we had planned to end at.  But low & behold: there was a concert in progress there.  Brian, Dave, & Paul spread out around Willamsburg, asking the myriad saloon keepers in that neighborhood if we could bring in some business for them, with the catch that we’d be doing some quiet performing.  Mostly they looked at us like we were crazy.  It was getting close to 11, and we needed a place, so we settled on Metropolitan, where there was karaoke in the front room but a pretty quiet back yard.  We gathered readers & audience into a tight circle, and a little after 11, Brian struck up some killer Casio boogie-woogie.  Neither irritable barkeeps nor dim light nor excessive schvitzing nor weariness would keep us from finishing what we started.  Dave read the lead for Episode 4, with Aliza stepping in to deliver Buddy’s thoughts on the Self.  Paul & Gelsey held down the chorus (joined by Mendi & Keith with an extra libretto).

The Bar is, of course, hard to focus on.  It’s in a bar, for gosh’s sake.  I [Dave] for one feel like I can parse the back and forth between Buddy & Rodney (et al) much better when I read it aloud, and I hope that that transmission helped affect a kind of change in people’s brains…

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