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Locations, part 1

June 6, 2011

Greetings Perfect Lives lovers!

Here is the initial itinerary for tomorrow’s event!

We’ll start at 11 AM at McGolrick Park in Greenpoint.  It’s between Nassau & Driggs, between Russell St & Monitor St.  We’ll be in the middle of the park.  We’ll probably be on the move about 45 minutes after each start time.  This is Episode 1, The Park.

Next up is the Big ol’ HSBC Bank on Broadway and Driggs Ave at 1 PM.  We’ll be outside the bank.  This is Episode 3, The Bank.

Then we go to the Key Foods on Grand St near Lorimer St at 3 PM.  We’ll be both inside and outside the supermarket.  This is Episode 2, The Supermarket.

5 PM takes us to the large Russian Orthodox Church at 228 N 12th St (btwn Union & Driggs).  We’ll be outside.  This is Episode 6, The Church.

7 PM takes us back near the supermarket to Gelsey’s Backyard on Maujer St (between Union & Lorimer).  Give us a call to find the spot.  Dave’s number is […].  This is Episode 7, The Backyard.

9 PM will be in the same location (in the Living Room attached, not in the Backyard…).  This is Episode 5, The Living Room.

11 PM will likely be in the back room at the Alligator Lounge (Lorimer & Metropolitan). We’ll keep you posted via Twitter on this front.  This is Episode 4, The Bar.

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