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This is the Celebration of the Changing of the Light

June 5, 2011

The summer after I turned 14, I found a tape labeled “Perfect Lives” in with my dad’s tape collection. Lots of questions still remain unanswered about this tape, such as, why was it in with my dad’s cassettes? and, where did it come from?

I inserted it into my yellow sony walkman, and for the rest of the summer, it was the only tape I listened to. One side had The Backyard, and the other side had The Park. I listened obsessively, trying to decipher and later, memorize the words.

When I was 14, I didn’t know the story synopsis of Perfect Lives. So when I listened to The Backyard as a story by itself, I imagined it to be the thoughts of the ghost of a woman who had recently died, standing in the doorway of her mother’s house.

The Full Synopsis of Perfect Lives.

Now that I’ve heard all the episodes, I’m able to connect The Backyard to a larger story. But I still retain that association — of Isolde as a ghost in The Backyard. What stories do each of these episodes tell when they are taken alone? Could Isolde actually be a ghost/or a kind of ghost in The Backyard? Could she have died?

(T’ Be Continued),



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