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What Is This All About?

May 30, 2011

So what is this project?

We, the assembled, have decided it’s a great idea to realize the much loved but rarely performed opera for television Perfect Lives by Robert Ashley.  We aim to do this realization on Tuesday, June 7th, in Brooklyn, NY, USA.

Now you may say, “But this is an opera written for television.  How will you do it live?”  We’ll be using the libretto (published by Burning Books) and reading it with soloists & back up readers/singers, as in the original.  We will have some musical backing as suggested by the original as well.  The visuals will be absent – in their place we’ll be performing in the locations suggested by the chapters/episodes of the opera (The Park, the Bank, etc.).

If you’re interested in listening or taking part in the backup chorus, get in touch with us!  This performance is being undertaken out of love… rehearsal is not necessary, we’re just trying to deepen our connection with the piece and spread the gospel of one of the classics.


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